Rev. Fr. Patrick Chinenye Okafor Welcomes you to his Website!!!

St. John's University, Oakdale Campus
I never said it would be easy,
I only said it would be worth it
 A search for greater personal and intellectual understanding compelled me to cross the Atlantic

Ocean and my ship ultimately docked at St. John’s University, New York.

 Come! Take a walk with me and experience why St. John’s Doctoral Program in Educational

Leadership and Accountability has been an experience equal to none! The Courses that I have taken have

been designed to be both empowering and challenging and have ably aided me in my goal of being a diligent

priest and an educator.
I have designed my webpage to be a demonstration of:

  •    who I am
  •    what I believe, and
  •    what I have achieved

For an easy tour this webpage is divided into five major areas, each concisely demonstrating who I am as a
priest, an educator, a student and finally a person. The five areas are listed below:

Personal:                     Who I am outside of my studies; a true picture of me.

Professional:              Contains my educational experiences, my philosophy and my goals.

Learner:                       A review of the courses studied in the program.

Expert:                         An application of the learning; what I have acquired in theory and how I  have applied it     

Scholar:                       This outlines a review of my tentative proposal, showing the potential impact of the
                            program as well as my future research activities.
Please choose one of the five links to the other sections of my website.
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Patrick Okafor


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