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It is the ability of the leader to reach the souls of others
in a fashion which raises human consciousness,
builds meanings, and inspires human intent that is the source of power.
----Warren Bennis
Variously described as a citadel of learning, a piece of architectural beauty,
the Seat of Wisdom Major Seminary was built at the request of the late
Pontiff John Paul II in the Igbo Heartland of Owerri.

For eight years, Pat walked the avenues and paths within as he studied
philosophy and theology (four years of each) under the greatest and
brightest of African scholars like Theophilus Okere (Rector 1985-1992).
Seat of Wisdom Seminary
Seat of Wisdom Seminary               
PO Box 2124-Owerri-Imo State
Owerri, Nigeria
                                                                           St. Gerard Majella Church

Performing a sacred duty for the people of God on God’s own altar has remained an incredibly humbling experience of grace.

Looking into the innocent face of a child, pronouncing those Baptismal words, and pouring the waters of Baptism all remind
me of the words of St. Augustine: “What I am for you frightens me; what I am with you consoles me. For you I am a priest, with
you I am a Christian.”
The joy of being a professional surpasses every other.

It comes from the feeling of fulfillment of watching my young students grow in knowledge sometimes baffling even
the teacher.

Teaching and general interaction with my students was my greatest moment. And you know what? The students
always looked forward to another class. My classroom experience aligns with Peter Drucker’s mindset. A study by
Drucker, (2006) found that “The executive who focuses on contribution also stimulates others to develop
themselves, whether they are subordinates, colleagues, or superiors. He sets standards which are not personal
but grounded in the requirements of the task. At the same time, they are demands for excellence. For they are
demands for high aspiration, for ambitious goals, and for work of great impact” (The Effective Executive, pp 68-69).
That’s what a professional should impress on his audience- a long for more. More time, more teaching, more
learning, more laughter, more growth, more bonding, more well being and more humanity.
SJU, Queens Campus - Class of 2007 - THE 1000C
Adjunct Instructor of Theology-St.John's University, New York