Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry Charter

Purpose: In order to record for posterity and future reference, those things about
the Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry which make it unique & effective. To
maintain the spirit and intentions of the original ministry. To serve as a written
guide of where we started, how to remain rooted in where we are and to build goals
for where we are going. To always remain focused to and never forget that God is
the reason for this ministry.

We Serve God: BFC is a ministry that serves the God of the Holy Bible, the only
God, the Creator of the universe, the Savior and Redeemer of mankind. We serve
no other purpose, person, philosophy, thing, government or power. Our dedication
is solely directed to our Lord; Jesus Christ.

We Ride Motorcycles: BFC is a ministry that uses the motorcycle as a media to
reach out to others. Motorcycling is the integral part of our physical lives which
brings us to those we are called upon to minister to, and indeed is the thing that
opens the door between our calling and the rest of the world. We support
motorcycling in it's many forms, the culture which has developed around it and the
riders who are out on the road.

We Support Our Government: While BFC is not politically oriented or affiliated,
we do acknowledge our allegiance to our country. We encourage participation in
government and civic duty, prayer and support for our leaders. BFC will not
encourage any actions which are contrary to the laws of government, except where
those laws are in direct opposition to the laws of God.

We Support Our Families: BFC is a ministry which supports the God ordained
structure which is the basic family unit. We firmly acknowledge that the priority
for our lives must first include our spouse and children and that they are our
primary ministry. BFC will not support any cause or movement which works to
destroy the Biblically based family unit, that is marriage between a man & woman.
We also strongly support the principle that children need as much time with loving
parents as possible in order to grow up as Godly citizens. This statement in no way
is to detract from the acknowledgment of those special gifted individuals who are
able to remain single and serve God fully in this manner.

We Support The Church: BFC supports the local, historic, Christian church. We
strongly encourage every member and those we minister to in church membership
and continued participation. Nationally, internationally and at each chapter level,
BFC will operate in such a way as to be accountable to a local church for our
behavior and conduct. In this way, BFC is not an independent organization or
ministry. Internationally, BFC is a ministry of and is accountable to our Churches.

We Support Other Motorcycle Ministries: BFC supports all other valid Christian
motorcycle ministries and their efforts in bringing the lost into the kingdom. BFC
will not act in any way which obstructs, injures or damages the testimony or work
of any other motorcycle ministry. We are on the same side. This is not to say that
we necessarily agree with every other ministry or support their activities. These
things must be tested by the Word of God.

We Are Not In Competition With Anyone: BFC will not compete with any other
motorcycle ministry, club, gang, church or organization for members, turf,
territories, property, status or recognition. BFC, our purpose, mission and
materials have been carefully planned so as to not antagonize other groups. For
this reason, no BFC member may display the initials "M/C" along with their back
patch, nor wear a top rocker which would indicate a region or territory.

We Are Not A Commercial Venture: BFC is strictly non-profit and will not accept
any paid sponsorship in exchange for advertising of any kind. The purpose of BFC
is not to sponsor products or services, endorse a particular business over another
or provide a vehicle for commercial ads. Free will donations towards the ministry
are gladly accepted however BFC reserves the right to refuse donations from
persons or organizations which do not agree with our principles. Special exceptions
can be made where a Christian donates his/her work towards this ministry For
Free and deserves recognition or credit for their work (i.e.: web page designer
credits, newsletter graphics credits, etc...)

We Display "Colors": As is characteristic of this type of ministry, BFC produces
and sells a back patch, arm patch and other materials with our logo on it to
members in good standing. No object, patch, shirt or other product bearing our
logo can be sold or distributed to a non-member, other than items specifically
designed as "support" items. Members who are not in good standing
(i.e.: backsliding, fallen away, resigned, in violation of number four or the ministry
requirements listed on the official BFC application) cannot purchase or display
membership materials.

We Have No Prospect Process: In BFC, we do not have a prospect stage for new
members. Chapters can have a “hang-around” period – so that they can
get to know applicants, and applicants can get to know those in the chapters.
During that time applicants may wear BFC Support gear. A new approved member
may wear their full, 2-piece backpatch, and all BFC t-shirts and other gear..

We Will Not Discriminate: BFC accepts all people regardless of the following
circumstances: Race, Creed, Color, Sex, Political Affiliation, Christian Church
Denomination**, Type or Brand of Motorcycle*, Dress Code or Hair Style. BFC
does however reserve the right to refuse membership based on: Non-Christian
Church Membership (i.e.: JW, Mormon, Muslim, etc...), Sin as described in our
application or other issues related to a person's character, morals or ethics. Some
professions could be considered as a conflict of interest.

*Note: For the purpose of definition - motor-scooters, mopeds, motorized bicycles
and non-street legal dirt bikes do not qualify for BFC membership. **Note:
Controversial, humanistic & non-historic denominations may not qualify. This
would include but not be limited to: Legalistic churches, some Churches of Christ,
United Pentecostal Church, excesses in the Word of Faith Movement, and
Episcopal Churches, etc...

"We support each members right to vote as they feel led by GOD to do so."  BFC
is completely non-political in nature and does not endorse any political agenda,
philosophy or candidate. We affirm each member’s right to vote and
participate individually in local, state or federal political processes, however BFC
must remain completely neutral in these regards. We believe that churches and
ministries as groups, should stay out of government and that by the same token, the
government should stay out of the issues concerning the Christian faith.

We Support The Responsibility of Each Member For Their Own Actions: BFC
Chapel cannot and will not be held responsible or liable, either directly, indirectly
or consequentially for the actions of individuals. Each individual is responsible for
his/her own actions and the repercussions that result from those actions. This
particularly applies to members who backslide, break laws, take action which can
bring liability or harm to BFC and it's members or which are involved in accidents.
Motorcycle riding is by it's very nature more risky than other forms of
transportation and each rider upon joining BFC must acknowledge that ultimately
they alone are responsible for their own safety - not BFC, or any other BFC
member. BFC is committed to a safe motorcycling and ministry experience and
every precaution will be taken to insure this. However ultimately each individual
must acknowledge their own limitations and responsibility in this endeavor.

We Do Not Support By-Laws, Tri-Laws, or "Hype": BFC operates under the By-
Laws of the churches which we are accountable to. We therefore do not and will
not have any By-Laws for overseeing this ministry. In order for this ministry to be
totally effective, each member must have the freedom to act quickly according to
the call of the Holy Spirit as situations present themselves. We trust the Holy Spirit
to keep the membership in line and we do not wish to impede that work in any way
by imposing By-Laws on our members. BFC may institute Standard Operating
Procedures (SOP) both at the national and local level in order to conduct routine
business in a consistent and well-documented manner and to meet IRS and other
legal requirements.

Conclusion: BFC International Headquarters reserves the right to edit this

Some professions could be considered as a “conflict of interest”.

Edited and Ammended October 2009

***"borrowed" from the National Bikers For Christ web site***

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